usefulSELECT: clean & powerful JS plugin for Customize ‘select’ Tag (Miscellaneous)

usefulSELECT – vanilla (clean) JS – fast, simple and powerful plugin for customize ‘select’ tag


  • Native on mobile

    Full Native Select Dropdown support on mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Your users will be happy!
  • StopScrolling

    Stop scrolling document with the select scroll. Conveniently!
  • Support images

    Use images in your select dropdown!
  • OPTGROUP support

    <optgroup> support for grouping options
  • DefaultText

    You can use default text when no value selected (only for multiple select)
  • Adaptive position

    Select dropdown changes its position if it does not fit into the screen. Always remains in sight!
  • Full customize

    You can change anything!
  • Multiple, disable, and label attributes support
  • Different settings and callbacks

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