About us

Scriptsmix is ​​a website that contains a blog and a shop.
There is also the intention to advertise the WordPress themes, also php scripts and programming tutorials from which we intend to benefit young programmers who want to challenge themselves in programming, will also benefit those who are more advanced where they will be are likely to increase in terms of their programming skills.

The wordpress phrases are divided into two groups, they are free and premium, both groups are carefully selected and the free themes will be able to be downloaded as soon as those premium are likely to be purchased from other sites as they are themeforest, codecanyon, atheme or other.

Php scripts will be able to be downloaded from our site or purchased from other sites that allow them to be purchased

Progrming Tutorials will be able to be tracked from our site without trying to go out to the other sites will be included from youtube will also be selected by the different author and will be only those that have an explanation of sketchy and understandable very easily so that they can also learn those who do not have very good knowledge of English.

We are not targeting only a state, city, religion, nation, or whatever we target all groups of people we do not divide.

In scriptsmix, any programmer can suggest his work and will be published without having to pay anything.

Kind regards,